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Author: Michael Serres, ESQ.

Social Security Lawyers

Social Security Disability Benefits-An Overview

SS Disability Benefits

If you have been injured on the job, you can typically seek compensation by filing a workers’ compensation claim, but what if you have an illness or injury that makes it impossible for you to work, but that didn’t result from your employment? That’s where the programs administered by the Social Security Administration can help, Social Security Disability benefits.
Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

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Social Security Disability Crisis Temporarily Avoided

Astoria, New York Social Security Attorneys

If you rely on Social Security disability income payments to provide for your basic needs, you may or may not have known that a significant portion of those benefits were at risk until just recently. A major crisis in Social Security disability (SSD) funding has been averted, at least temporarily, after President Obama signed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. The budget act suspended the federal debt limit for two years, and introduced a host of other measures, all of which should keep the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund solvent for the present time.

Without these changes, many experts feared that the Social Security Administration would have had to cut all benefits payments by up to 20% before the end of 2016. Lawmakers say the changes imposed by the budget bill should ensure full payments of SSD benefits through 2022. The principal change that will help keep the Social Security disability payment system intact—a “reallocation” of the payroll tax rate, with a greater percentage of payroll taxes already collected going into the Social Security system. Read More

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Workers Compensation and Social Security Lawyers

Workers’ Compensation | Social Security Disability | Personal Injury

If you have questions or concerns about a work-related injury, a Social Security disability claim, Workers Compensation, or any type of personal injury, you’ve come to the right place—the blog for the experienced lawyers at Pyrros & Serres LLP. Our attorneys bring more than 50 years of combined experience to every case we take. We’ll be at your side throughout the legal process. Our staff will help you put together the necessary documentation and file your claim for the benefits you need. We’ll be your advocate with your employer or the work comp insurance company, if necessary. We’ll also be your voice at all administrative proceedings and legal hearings.

In our blog, we’ll provide you with helpful information about the law, as well as your rights, so that you can make good decisions about your case and how you want to proceed. We’ll cover a broad range of topics, including:

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