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Joint Injuries

Joint Injuries

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The most common type of workplace injury involves trauma to the joints. Whether you work in construction and spend hours operating heavy hand or power tools or you work in a warehouse lifting and loading items hour after hour, you are at risk of traumatic or repetitive stress injury.

Examples of Joint Injuries

Workers’ compensation benefits are available for a variety of muscle, tendon, nerve or ligament injuries involving any joint, including:

  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist or finger
  • Hip, knee, ankle or toes
  • Neck, back, jaw or spinal cord

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Your Injury?

When you’ve hurt a shoulder, elbow, hip, knee or other joint, the pain can make it difficult to perform many of the simple day-to-day tasks, let alone your job. You may have a right to benefits under the New York workers’ compensation laws, but the process can be complicated, intimidating and difficult to pursue on your own. Your chances of obtaining fair compensation are better with an attorney at your side than without one.

Legal Help for Workplace Injuries

At Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani, we understand not only the impact a workplace injury can have on your life, but also the stress and anxiety that comes with an uncertain future.

Workers’ Comp Claims for Joint Injuries

Our attorneys take a hands-on approach to our cases work with our clients throughout the workers’ compensation claims process, from the initial application for benefits to administrative hearings or appeals.

At the outset, we evaluate all the unique details of your accident, including:

  • The accident evidence
  • The extent of your injury or illness
  • Hospital stays
  • Past and future surgeries
  • Scarring or permanent damage to your health
  • Future medical needs

Part of our job is ensuring that you get the medical care necessary to minimize your recovery time, in addition to compiling the details to support your claim.

Our attorneys represent clients who have workers’ compensation claims involving any type of joint injury, whether stemming from a workplace accident or from repetitive stress or motion.

Meet Our Attorneys

Michael C. Pyrros received his bachelor’s degree from American University in Washington, D.C. in 1985.
Michael Serres is a 1989 graduate of St. John’s University School of Law. Mr. Serres was admitted to practice law in New York.
Nicholas Rupwani has been practicing workers’ compensation law since August 2004.