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Repetitive Stress/Motion Injury

Repetitive Stress and Motion Injury Attorneys in Astoria NY

Michael Pyrros NY Workers Comp Attorneys

Repetitive motion workplace injuries are more common than many people realize. When workers find themselves dealing with a situation involving an injury at work that could be the result of constant use of a particular area of the body, they typically will work as long as they can before notifying management.

In worse case scenarios they change jobs, which is rarely a remedy. While these injuries are usually not associated with an accident, they are still workplace injury injuries that can be successfully claimed for compensation when an experienced repetitive stress and motion attorney represents the injured workers.

Repetitive motion cases are unlike other work injury claims because they can be complicated and are often strongly defended, especially if the injury manifests after leaving a job. Workers compensation claims could be filed with multiple employers, all of which will have legal counsel in many situations. Having the right workplace injury attorney is important, and Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani is that law firm in New York.

What is a Repetitive Strain Injury?

There are many similarities with RSI cases. Injuries typically include similar problems, even when the injuries are in different areas of the body, and they are all associated with the joints and skeletal regions. Aching and soreness are consistent with most RSI cases and can be disabling, and may require surgery.

Additionally, injuries can often worsen over time without treatment of some sort. Not only can symptoms be similar, but certain repetitive strain injuries can seriously impact other regions of the body. An RSI can develop in practically any joint or extremity, and they can be the result of even minimal movement over a long period. Problems can even eventually include numbness or loss of other sensations in addition to significant pain.

What Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani Can Do

Your workplace injury attorney can conduct a full investigation into your work history and access all available documentation when examining your injury case. Not only can work records be used, but medical documentation from doctors and other health care professionals can also be vital in building a successful claim.

Your workplace injury attorney can then verify the conditions and prognosis from medical treatment professionals before the case is considered by the administrative law court. RSI injury claims are almost always fought by the insurance companies, which means it is beneficial to have comprehensive representation from a law firm with significant knowledge in proving a work injury claim.

Never think you cannot be financially compensated for a repetitive strain injury just because there is no accident report to support the claim. RSI claims are can be won— just make sure you call an aggressive attorney who is experience with RSI injury claims, because unique types of injuries often require unique legal representation and experience. The attorney to call in New York is Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani.

Repetitive Motion Injury Attorney

Queens, NY Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Repetitive Stress or Motion Injuries | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Joint Injuries

If your job requires you to perform the same task repeatedly, hour after hour, day after day, the continual stress can lead to inflammation and pain that can make it difficult or impossible to engage in many ordinary daily acts or perform your usual tasks at work. Tasks do not need to be a physically demanding, either. You may incur injury if your job requires you to perform repetitive tasks, even something as seemingly harmless as typing for long periods of time.

Under the New York workers’ compensation laws, you have a right to obtain benefits for injuries sustained due to repetitive motion or stress on the job.

If your employer or their insurer seeks to attribute your injury to some other cause, an experienced workers’ comp attorney can provide the legal help you need to obtain benefits, contact a repetitive motion injury attorney today!

How Our Queens Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Help

At Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani, extensive experience gives our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of workers’ compensation laws and claims. Because every injury is different, we know how important it is to find out what happened to you and evaluate what you need to compensate for your losses. Our attorneys know the stress and anxiety that arise when you can’t work and meet your financial obligations. We are here to help, placing a premium on legal services tailored to your needs and resolving your claim as efficiently as possible.

We take all types of repetitive stress or motion injuries, including:

  • Inflammation of muscles, tendons or nerves caused by repeated bending, pushing, pulling, squatting, turning, standing, sitting or lifting
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome or other similar conditions stemming from typing, clicking, squeezing, pinching, shaking, twisting or other hand or arm movements
  • Neck, shoulder, back and rotator cuff pain caused by repeated head or upper torso movement
  • Numbness, tingling, burning sensations, itching or other discomfort related to continuous motion or stress

Protecting Your Legal Rights

The attorneys at our New York law firm handle all matters related to workers’ compensation claims. We’ll help you get the medical attention you need and ensure that your claim is processed correctly, so that you get full and fair compensation.

Our attorneys have represented thousands of injured workers successfully before the New York’s Workers’ Compensation Board and we can help you too.

Meet Our Attorneys

Michael C. Pyrros received his bachelor’s degree from American University in Washington, D.C. in 1985.
Michael Serres is a 1989 graduate of St. John’s University School of Law. Mr. Serres was admitted to practice law in New York.
Nicholas Rupwani has been practicing workers’ compensation law since August 2004.