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Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers

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In an instant, you can suffer a life-altering injury. Whether it’s a slip and fall, a car crash, or another personal injury incident, you can seek compensation for your losses with the help of professional Bronx personal injury lawyers at Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani. 

While you’re recovering from your injury, we make sure you take all the steps to pursue compensation. Contact our personal injury lawyers in the Bronx at 718-626-7730 to begin seeking compensation.

Defining Personal Injury Accidents in the Bronx

When someone suffers an injury from an accident or intentional act caused by another person, they have a personal injury case. One of the most common examples of this is slip-and-fall accidents. If you slip and fall at a grocery store or poorly-maintained sidewalk and sustain injuries, you can file a personal injury claim. 

Your attorney at Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani can determine liability based on the type of personal injury claim.

Premises Liability Cases

If you suffered an injury on someone’s property because they failed to keep it safe, you may have a premises liability case. Property owners in the Bronx must keep their property reasonably safe. When they fail to do so, people can suffer injuries from slip-and-fall accidents. 

In New York, fall-related injuries are the leading cause of hospitalizations for children under age 14 and adults 25 and older, according to the New York Department of Health

Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Truck, car, and motorcycle accidents can cause devastating injuries and property damage. In 2022, 17,678 car accidents took place in the Bronx, accounting for 18% of the city’s car accidents. Motor vehicle accidents can lead to broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and internal organ damage. 

Workplace Injury Cases

Record Evidence - Workplace Accident Injury

Employers must keep workplaces safe for employees. When employees suffer injuries at work, they often collect workers’ compensation. However, in some cases, they can collect more compensation through a personal injury claim. If you have an accident at work, our personal injury lawyers in Bronx, NY, can help determine if you can also pursue a personal injury claim.

Product Liability Cases

Manufacturing companies have a duty to the public to produce safe products. When a product malfunctions and causes an injury, you can pursue a personal injury lawsuit. However, manufacturing companies often have large legal teams. You need skilled, experienced lawyers like our team at Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani to advocate for you.

How Do You File a Personal Injury Claim in the Bronx?

Filing a personal injury claim can be complex, but our lawyers at Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani will guide you through each stage. 

Seek Medical Treatment

Even if your injuries seem minor, seek medical treatment immediately after the accident. Some injuries aren’t apparent until later, and minor injuries can worsen with time. Having medical records that prove you sought medical treatment after the accident will help you prove the extent of your injuries. 

Collect Evidence 

Immediately following your accident, take pictures and videos of the scene. If you have immediate visible injuries, take pictures of those too. After a car accident, call the police so they can fill out a report with the essential details. Additionally, if there are witnesses, ask for their contact information. 

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

List of Non-Economic Damages - Lost Earning Capacity, Inconvenience, Pain and Suffering, Loss of Enjoyment of Life, Trauma, Loss of Consortium

Next, contact Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani. Before you talk to any insurance adjusters or other investigators, talk to a personal injury attorney. We will represent you in negotiations and protect your interests. 

Establish Liability

Proving liability holds the party responsible for your injury accountable. To prove liability, we must certify the guilty party practiced negligence. There are four components of negligence: 

  • The negligent person or party owed you a duty of care
  • They breached that duty of care
  • That breach directly caused your accident
  • The accident directly led to your injuries and losses

New York is a pure comparative fault state. This means that as long as you are not 100% responsible for your injuries, you can collect compensation. The court will, however, reduce your damages by your portion of the fault. For example, if your case was worth $200,000, and the court finds you 30% at fault, you could collect $140,000.

In some cases, you can hold New York City liable for your injuries, rather than an individual or company. In 2022, New York spent over $688 million settling personal injury and property damage claims, according to New York City’s Comptroller. If you make a claim against the New York City government, the process differs from other personal injury cases. Our team will help you through it.

File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Finally, our team can help you file a personal liability lawsuit. The New York Supreme Court handles the majority of personal injury cases in the Bronx for claims more than $25,000. To start, we will file a complaint that identifies your claims and the liable party. Then, we file a summons to notify the liable party that you’re suing them.  

Damages You Can Recover With Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani

When you work with Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani, we help you evaluate the value of your claim. You may be eligible for several types of damages in your personal injury case. 

Economic Damages 

Economic damages cover all calculable financial losses you suffered due to your injury and accident. This might include: 

  • Costs to repair property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages 

Non-Economic Damages 

Non-economic damages account for intangible losses. These are more difficult to calculate, as there isn’t an exact value. However, our team will help you accurately calculate these damages. Non-economic damages may include: 

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement or disability
  • PTSD

Punitive Damages

While economic and non-economic damages are compensatory, punitive damages are exemplary damages. Rather than compensate you for a particular loss, these damages punish the guilty party. These are only applicable in extreme cases of negligence or misconduct. 

Advantages of Working with Bronx Personal Injury Attorneys 

Working with a lawyer from Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani comes with many benefits. At Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani, our Bronx personal injury lawyers have the experience, skills, and connections your case needs. 

We will: 

  • Negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf
  • Help you collect additional evidence and speak to witnesses
  • Protect your legal rights and prevent other parties from taking advantage of you
  • Represent you in a trial if needed 

File a Personal Injury Claim With Experienced Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers

Our team at Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani is dedicated to providing high-quality service and legal support to each of our clients. We use our decades of experience to assist in everything from answering common slip and fall-related questions to representing you on trial.

Don’t wait — the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in New York is only three years. Start your pursuit of compensation and call 718-626-7730 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about personal injury cases in the Bronx, we can help.

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim Against My Employer After Collecting Workers’ Compensation?

No, you generally cannot file personal injury claims against employers after collecting workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation insurance protects employers from lawsuits. 

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim After a Car Accident if the Liable Driver Has PIP Coverage?

Yes, with the help of personal injury lawyers in the Bronx, you can still file a personal injury claim if the liable driver has PIP coverage. You may still file a claim to recover non-economic damages. 

Does New York Have Caps on Damages?

No, New York does not have caps on economic or non-economic damages.