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At the law office of Pyrros & Serres LLP, our lawyers bring 75 years of combined legal experience to injured people throughout Astoria, Queens and the state of New York. A hallmark of our practice has always been our commitment to provide individualized attention to every client. Because our firm treats clients with compassion, courtesy and respect, existing or former clients refer most of our new cases to us. We pledge to use our extensive knowledge, skill, experience and resources to help you get the results you want and deserve.

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To learn more about your rights in a workers’ compensation, Social Security disability or personal injury claim, read the blog posts below.

Will Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Be Dismissed if You Go Back to Work?

New York Workers Compensation Attorneys

If you are like most people, even after you get hurt in the workplace, you’d really like to be working. Accordingly, even when you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you may want to try to return to work, to some sense of normality in your life, to see if you can be back in the workplace without pain or discomfort. But you may worry that an attempt to go back to work could put your benefits at risk. How does going back to work affect an existing workers’ compensation claim?

Giving Yourself the Best Chance to Win a Workers’ Compensation Claim

The Right Preparation to Maximize Your Chance of Winning a Work Comp Claim

New York City | Queens | Brooklyn | Bronx Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

When you’ve suffered an injury on the job, you have the right to pursue compensation to cover lost wages and medical expenses. In many situations, even though it may seem like you have an open and shut case, your claim may initially be denied. For that reason, it’s particularly important that you do all that you can to get ready for your workers’ compensation hearing. Here are some ways you can do that.

Your Right to Death Benefits in a Workers’ Compensation Case

You Have a Right to Pursue Death Benefits When a Family Member is Killed on the Job

Under the New York workers’ compensation laws, when you are hurt on the job or contract an illness because of exposure to toxic conditions or substances at work, you have a right to pursue temporary or permanent benefits. But what if the injury is fatal? Do your survivors have a right to seek death benefits in a workers’ compensation claim? The answer—a resounding yes!!

Equifax Data Breach : Check Your Credit Report & Credit Score

Credit reporting agency Equifax recently suffered a massive data breach potentially impacting approximately 143 million Americans.

Criminals accessed Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and, in some cases, driver’s license numbers. They also stole credit card numbers for approximately 209,000 people and credit dispute documents containing personally identifiable information for roughly 182,000 people.

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