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The Black Car Fund Raises Workers’ Comp Pay for Drivers in New York

The Black Car Fund - New York

If you suffered an injury while driving a limo or another type of black car as one of New York’s thousands of for-hire drivers, you may qualify for workers’ compensation insurance through the Black Car Fund. Call 718-626-7730 to speak with a worker’s comp lawyer with Pyrros & Serres, LLP, today.

The Black Car Fund recently raised the minimum payment amount for weekly workers’ compensation coverage in May 2022.

workers’ compensation lawyer with Pyrros & Serres, LLP, in New York describes the Black Car Fund and the potential benefits drivers qualify for as a member of the fund, including not just workers’ compensation coverage but also additional training and healthcare benefits.

Who Qualifies for Workers’ Compensation Coverage from the NYBCOICF?

Article 6-F of the executive law, also called “The Black Car Law,” states that limousine companies must join the NYBCOICF if their facilities own fewer than 50% of the vehicles they dispatch and if they receive over 90% of their fares by some other means than cash.

Out-of-state limo and black car employers also must join the NYBCOICF if they operate in New York and meet these criteria for fare payment and vehicle ownership.

According to the New York State Department of Health, over 12,000 New Yorkers are hospitalized yearly for car accident injuries. This risk is higher if you drive for a living.

As a driver who works for member dispatchers of The Fund, you can qualify for workers’ comp benefits that you normally wouldn’t receive as an independent contractor and additional healthcare benefits.

According to the Black Car Fund Drivers Benefits page, eligible drivers for these benefits include Lyft and Uber drivers.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Wage replacement for the days that you are unable to work due to a work-related injury
  • Medical benefits, including medical expenses, medication costs, and hospital fees
  • Accident disability direct payments up to $1,500 per month (the limit for one year)
  • Free flu shots
  • Dental coverage for in-network procedures
  • Vision coverage
  • Modern MD medical clinic no-cost visits
  • Mental health and wellness free counseling
  • 24/7 telemedicine access
  • Discounts on prescriptions
  • Discounts on diagnostic imaging

What Are the Updated Terms for Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Black Car Drivers?

Citing the cost of living increases, the Black Car Fund board of directors voted on May 3rd, 2022, to raise the minimum payment for fully disabled drivers covered by The Black Car Fund. 

As reported by Black Car News, the previous minimum payment amount was $166 (or two-thirds of $250) per week. The new payment amount is approximately $216 per week (or two-thirds of $325).

The new rates took effect just 12 days later, on May 15th. New claims filed after that date qualify for the new compensation rates.

When you have an accident, you should first notify the police and file a police report. Call for an ambulance if necessary for medical treatment. Then call the NYBCOICF to report the accident. Note that reporting the accident is different from filing a claim with the Black Car Fund. You will need to file your claim with them directly within 30 days of your work-related accident.

What Is the Black Car Fund?

The Black Car Fund is the shorthand name for the New York Black Car Operators’ Injury Compensation Fund, Inc (NYBCOICF). If you’re a limousine or black car driver, this non-profit organization helps protect you in case of injury.

The Black Car Fund also offers additional training and certifications. The organization’s additional training includes:

  • Wellness, Safety Training, and Education Program (Wellness STEP)
  • Hands-Only CPR training
  • Share the Road/Vision Zero training
  • AMBER Alert response training

How to Find a New York Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Your Black Car Injuries

When submitting a claim with the Black Car Fund, it helps to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side. Experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in New York understand the procedures to file a claim and seek compensation for your injuries through the NYBCOICF.

Contact Pyrros & Serres, LLP for Representation in Your Black Car Fund Injury Case

At Pyrros & Serres, LLP, we’re a workers’ comp law firm that has helped injured parties seek just compensation for their injuries since 2001.

Call us at Pyrros & Serres, LLP today at 718-626-7730 or contact us online to schedule a free case evaluation for injury compensation with the New York Black Car Fund.

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