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Long Island City, NY Workers Comp Attorneys

Long Island City, New York-Workers Comp Attorneys

Long Island City, NY Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Workplace Injury | Traumatic Accidents | Repetitive Stress or Motion | Temporary or Permanent Disability | Partial or Total Disability | Occupational Disease

Under the New York workers’ compensation laws, if you have been injured while working, as a result of the negligence of your employer or a co-employee, you have a right to seek benefits for lost wages and to have your medical expenses covered. It can seem like an open and shut case, but don’t expect your employer to make the process easy for you. Your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company both have a vested interest in paying you as little as possible. You want experienced workers’ compensation lawyers to guide you through the process. The attorneys at Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani can help.

Experienced Long Island City Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

At Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani, we bring more than 50 years of combined legal experience to people in Long Island City who have been injured in the workplace. We understand the impact a work injury can have on every aspect of your life. We’ll aggressively pursue full and fair compensation for all your losses, using our considerable experience, skill, knowledge and resources to get the outcome you want and deserve. We are committed to treating every client with courtesy, compassion and respect—it’s just the way we do business. As a result, many of our new cases are referred to us by our colleagues in the legal profession or by satisfied clients.

Aggressive Long Island City Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

Our attorneys take an individualized approach to every case. We know that every injury claim is unique, so we carefully investigate to determine exactly what happened in your case, and to learn what you need to be made whole. We’ll compile and evaluate all relevant medical evidence and question any witnesses, so that we can put together the most compelling arguments for your full financial recovery. We represent injured workers at any stage of a workers’ compensation claim, from your initial application for benefits through any appeals. We’ll also help ensure that you get all the medical treatment you need.

We offer full-service legal counsel to people who have suffered any type of injury at work, including:

Back and Neck Injury | Shoulder, Arm, Hand and Finger Injury | Hip, Leg, Foot and Toe Injury| Burns | Fractures | Paralysis | Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) | Spinal Cord Injury | Permanent Scarring or Disfigurement | Amputation or Loss of Limb | Hearing or Vision Loss | Accidental Death |Occupational Illness

Effective Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Long Island City

At Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani, we handle all matters related to workers’ compensation for people across the greater New York City metropolitan area, including individuals in Long Island City.

For more information about the services we provide, see our practice area overview workers compensation page.

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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys—Long Island City