The Thorn that Led to a Permanent Workers’ Compensation Disability Award

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Workers’ compensation claims are only for situations where you have been seriously injured, right? It’s not going to be worth your time and effort to pursue a claim for a minor scratch, is it? Not necessarily, as Pyrros and Serres proved for one of its clients.

We were contacted some years back by a man who worked as a custodian, who had been scratched by a thorn while doing some outside work at his job. He developed an infection from the scratch, and the infection ran rampant through his entire body, eventually causing some damage to his heart. The heart condition made it impossible for him to do his job, so he sought an attorney who could help him secure workers’ comp benefits. After being rejected by a number of other lawyers, he came to us.

We looked closely at his case and saw that a strong argument could be made for permanent workers’ compensation disability benefits. We carefully gathered all the evidence demonstrating a connection between his work-related injury—the thorn scratch—and his inability to work anymore. We aggressively argued his claim under the New York workers compensation laws, and successfully had him designated as permanently disabled, qualifying for lifetime benefits.

A Minor Injury Can Lead to a Permanent Disability for Workers’ Compensation

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