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Month: July 2016

New York City | Queens | Brooklyn | Bronx Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

When you have been hurt at work and have filed a workers’ compensation claim, you have to be concerned about the potential for being videotaped without your knowledge. Workers’ compensation insurance companies routinely send private investigators to clandestinely film claimants, looking for evidence that a claim may be bogus. So you can worry “how much can I do around the house? Will I jeopardize my claim if I try to mow the lawn?

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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Queens, NYC, Brooklyn and the Bronx

What Happens If You Die in a Work-Related Accident?

Under New York law, if you are injured on the job, you have a right to seek workers’ compensation benefits to cover lost wages and to pay for medical care. But what happens if you are killed in a work-related accident? Do your dependents have any recourse for loss of support or loss of companionship/consortium? The answer is yes.

Pursuant to New York’s workers’ compensation statute, in the event you die in a job-related incident, a claim can be filed by your spouse, your children or your estate. Furthermore, the parents of a person killed in a work accident may be eligible for what is known as a “no-dependency award” if the deceased had no wife or children. The parents would also be entitled to a certain amount for funeral expenses.

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Queens | NYC | Brooklyn |Bronx Workers Compensation Attorneys

Can You Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits If You Are Paid Off the Books?
Queens | NYC | Brooklyn | Bronx Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

It’s a fairly common practice, in New York and in other states, for employers to have some employees who are paid “off the books.” Maybe you’re not needed full-time, so your employer prefers an independent contractor relationship. Maybe you’re an undocumented immigrant and don’t have a Social Security card. But what happens if you are hurt on the job? Are you entitled to file for workers’ compensation benefits, or are those payments only available to employees of a company?

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