Worker’s Compensation Board Proposes New Medical Fee Schedule
Board Seeks Comments before Finalizing Fee Schedule Changes

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If you’ve been injured at work and filed a workers’ compensation claim, you know that you’re entitled to reimbursement or coverage for all “reasonable and necessary” medical expenses. You may also have discovered that there are specific limits on what workers’ compensation will pay for different treatments and procedures, all set forth in the state’s “Medical Fee Schedule.” Those rates are subject to review and modification by the New York Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). That process is now underway and it’s time to make your voice heard.

Earlier this year, the WCB made adjustments to the Medical Fee Schedule and, on June 6, 2018, made the revised schedule available for public comment. Based on input received since then, the Board has made additional changes to the fee schedule. On October 3, the Board published the amended schedule in the state register and announced a final 30 day period during which comments will be accepted regarding the changes. Until November 1, 2018, the WCB will welcome feedback from any interested parties, including injured workers, employers, insurance companies, lawyers, medical providers and the general public. Once the time for public comment is over, the Board will assess all observations, make all final changes to the Medical Fee Schedule and announce an effective date for its implementation.

This is your chance to be heard, to help the WCB establish realistic coverage for medical expenses related to a work injury. To review the proposed changes, visit the New York Workers’ Compensation Board Medical Care Fee Schedules online. You can submit any comments to

WCB Seeks Public Input before Finalizing Workers’ Compensation Medical Fee Schedule Changes

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