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What to Do When You Have Been Hurt at Work

Workers Compensation and Hurt at Work

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Under the laws of New York, if you have been hurt on the job, you have a right to seek benefits under the state’s workers’ compensation system. The program is what has been commonly referred to as the “grand bargain.” Essentially, this means that workers and employers should both benefit from the system—workers can have quicker access to needed benefits, without the need to go to court; and employers can avoid the often exorbitant awards juries hand out.



But there are specific steps you want to take if you have suffered an injury on the job:

  • First, report any injury to your supervisor as soon as possible. You may also want to notify the Human Resources officer or department.
  • Seek medical care as soon as possible. Don’t wait until your workers’ compensation claim has been approved. The longer you wait to seek medical treatment, the greater the chance that your employer will either argue that the injury was not work-related, or that it was not severe enough to keep you from working.
  • When you go to the doctor, make certain you ask the doctor to document in writing the circumstances that led to your illness or injury. Also, be sure to tell the doctor of anything that seems out of the ordinary, even if it appears to be minor.
  • Ask your employer for the appropriate documentation to file a workers’ compensation claim. You have a right to seek benefits, even if the accident was caused by your own negligence.
  • Unfortunately, most workers’ compensation claims are initially rejected. Instead of completing and filing the claim by yourself, you may be better served to have an attorney handle everything for you.

New York Workers Compensation Claims Attorneys

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