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pyrros serres how to avoid winter injuries injuriesWinter weather, with snow, ice, sleet and freezing rain, generally increases the risk of injury for workers, especially those who spend most or all of their time outside. There are steps you can take to minimize the risk of workplace injury in wintry weather.

Watch Your Step

Slip and fall accidents escalate dramatically in the winter months. It’s imperative that you take a different approach to walking up and down steps or down a sidewalk, particularly when there’s snow or ice. The first thing to do is to slow down. It’s better to get there unharmed than to get there fast. Make certain that the footwear you have on has good traction, and that the soles are not worn or smooth. You’ll get better traction if you step down with your feet flatter to the ground, rather than on your heel.

Use Good Judgment Behind the Wheel

Motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of work-related injury. If the weather is bad, stay off the road, unless absolutely necessary. Always make certain your car is cleaned off before you pull onto the road, and give your car time enough to warm up, so that your windows are not frosted over. Give yourself a little extra space behind the vehicle in front of you, but if you have to stop quickly, don’t slam on your brakes—gently tap them until you gain control of your vehicle.

Minimize Strenuous Activity Outside

Colder temperatures can make your heart work a lot harder. Be careful shoveling snow, pushing a car out of the snow or engaging in any other activity. Also, pay attention to how heavy the snow is—it’s easy to hurt your back cleaning the sidewalks of a few inches of wet and heavy snow.

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