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Why Your Client Needs an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you’re an attorney or lawyer whose practice doesn’t include work-related injuries, you may have a client who’s been hurt on the job, but who either wants to save money or thinks the claim is so straightforward that legal counsel isn’t necessary. It’s almost always a bad idea to try to handle your own workers’ compensation claim, for a number of reasons. Here are some key questions to ask your client, to help them understand why a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer is a necessity.

Q: Are you prepared to gather and evaluate all the evidence necessary to support your claim?

A: One of the most frequent reasons that a workers’ compensation claim is denied is due to inadequate or incomplete medical evidence. Does your client know what evidence is important and how to get it? Does your client know how to read and interpret medical evidence? They may have to obtain medical opinion from treating physicians or may need to challenge the findings of the company or workers’ compensation insurance provider’s chosen physician. They may need to obtain statements from friends and family regarding the impact of the injury.

Q: Are you comfortable communicating with the workers’ compensation insurance company or negotiating with attorneys?  

A: Unless the workers’ compensation insurance company fully approves the claim up front, you’ll have to be in regular contact with company officials. They do this for a living and have a comprehensive understanding of the law, as well as the process. You can’t expect them to accommodate you or to volunteer any information, either, as they have a vested interest in paying out as little as possible.

Q: Are you prepared to argue your case before a workers’ compensation judge?  

A: Unless your claim is granted without objection, there’s a significant likelihood that a hearing will be scheduled. Though you may be confident of your arguments and even have some experience making presentations, you’ve never been before a judge and don’t have any knowledge of rules of procedure or what to expect from the judge.

Q: Do you know what you can reasonably expect in settlement of your claim? 

A: Even if you are able to get your employer or the workers’ compensation insurance company to negotiate with you in good faith, you may have no idea what type of settlement is appropriate or reasonable. Furthermore, you may not understand what types of injuries are compensable.

Assertive Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Queens, New York

At Pyrros, Serres & Rupwani, we offer more than 50 years of combined workers’ compensation experience to injured workers in the borough of Queens and throughout the greater New York City area. We place a premium on personal service and attention, making certain we understand the specifics of your work injury, so that we can best protect your interests. Many of our new clients come to us as referrals from other professionals, including doctors and lawyers, and from former/current clients.

We handle all types of work injury cases, including claims involving:

Occupational Illness or Disease | Back and Neck Injury | Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) | Fractures | Burns | Paralysis | Spinal Cord Injury | Permanent Scarring or Disfigurement | Amputation or Loss of Limb | Shoulder, Arm, Hand and Finger Injury | Hip, Leg, Foot and Toe Injury | Hearing or Vision Loss | Accidental Death

For more information about the services we provide, see our practice area overview page.

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