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5 star rating

Hi Pyrros,
I want to thank you for all your help; it has been a stressful time for my husband as well as for my family. We are so grateful for the great doctors and especially for you, helping my husband in his workers compensation case. We will never forget the kindness and the time that you took to help us in this devastating time in our lives. God bless you.

- Seko and Janet M.

5 star rating

To Pyrros and Serres,
I am grateful that I chose your law firm and became your client, for you have proven to be a supportive ad wonderful team of lawyers. It is important that I compose these words of thanks to you, for all you have done in my life.

Your firm was highly recommended to me by Richard Klebanoff, because of your understanding and your success with cases of Workers Compensation. Still when I decided to meet with you about seeking extra compensation for having broken my wrist at my job, I had low expectations. I wondered if this case would have gotten much merit because I had been working as a per-diem substitute teacher at Baldwin High School. However, after that first meeting with your staff, I felt reassured that the circumstances of my injury were no small matter. I commend every one that I met on that day for their fine manner of addressing me as a client.

Even the medical examiner that you later sent me to see was very easy-going and professional, as well as courteous. As time passed, and I began to take my mind off my case, your firm soon contacted me to come in and sign papers. Much to my surprise I found out that I receive an award, much higher than I have ever expected.

I appreciate my case manager Marilyn, for dealing with al the intricacies about the steps that I would have to take. It was wonderful to be put at ease about what to expect at the hearing, and what would follow after that.

I also want to thank you for sending me to the hearing with an excellent lawyer, Leonard Feld, who outlines all the noteworthy items that I should pay close attention to during and beyond the hearing.

I can imagine that my many phone calls to Marilyns desk to inquire about the delay in reciving my award from the Wright Risk Company, may have caused a dilemma. However Marilyn showed forth patience and diligence until I actually got the award hand delivered to me.

I thank you, Michael Serres, for the extra time that you took, and for the personal concern that you extended to make sure that I received my award. I will recommend your firm to others. Thank you.

- Judith K.

5 star rating
With much appreciation this thank you note is sent, and hope you know how warmly and sincerely it is meant. Thank you for the hard work. I really appreciate it. Thanks again.

- Rosely M.

5 star rating
Dear Mike,
Thank you so much for allowing me to use your office for a deposition last week. Lori’s friendly greeting made me feel welcome immediately. Mike Pyrros did everything possible to see that I was comfortably set up to do the deposition. I had an to thank Lori, but not Mike as he was not in the oiffce when I left. Please thank him for me. I could not help noticing the photographs in your office. You have a beautiful family.
Best wishes,

- Neil S Lovit ESQ

5 star rating
Michael Pyrros,
This comes with sincere appreciation and thank you from my heart.Michael, Marilyn, & Staff
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I appreciate it.

- Kelly M.

5 star rating
Pyrros and Serres Firm,
With special thanks and sincere appreciation for everything now and in the future

- Denis M.

5 star rating
Mr. Pyrros,
You are wonderful. My husband’s prescriptions are refilled. I also called the representative at Zurich Insrance and left a message to authorize the medicines. I asked that if there was a problem and/or question to please contact me and I never received a call. Will be in touch Thank you for your assistance.

- Mary EM.

5 star rating
I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. This last surgery would not have happened if it wasn’t for you.

- Dana N.

5 star rating
Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for all your help. I apologize for calling so many times but I was a nervous wreck. You helped me a lot.

- Pesa Family

5 star rating
Hello Michael,
I want to say thank you so much for your help in this dark moment. I wish you the best of luck and love in every moment of your life to you and your family.


Thank you so very much.

- Barbra

5 star rating
Dear Mr. Serres,
Thanks for all your help, keep up the good work. God Bless.

- Janice J.