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You have been working a job, but getting paid under the table, so to speak. You get injured on that job—now you can’t work at all! If you were a documented employee of the company, you’d be able to file a workers’ compensation claim, but what can you do now? Are you simply out of luck? The answer is NO!

Under New York workers’ compensation laws, it does not matter if you were an employee of the company—accordingly, your employer cannot deny you the right to file a workers’ compensation claim because you were paid off the books, and cannot deny your claim because you were not an employee. The New York workers’ compensation laws only require that you meet two conditions:

  • You were working at the time of the injury
  • The injury was suffered on the job or in a job-related activity

If you have been hurt on the job as an undocumented worker, you’ll want to immediately seek medical attention and ensure that the doctor you visit documents everything in writing. It’s likely that your employer won’t cooperate with any efforts to file a workers’ compensation claim, so you will probably be best served by immediately consulting with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, so that you file all documents in a timely manner and you have access to medical care as soon as possible.

Can You Be Denied Workers’ Compensation because Your Employer Pays You Off the Books?

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