Covid-19: Psychological Claims

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Dealing with Psychological Injuries

COVID 19 Psychological Claims

By now, we all know that many NY workers will ultimately end up contracting Covid-19 at some point throughout the next year. However, not everyone understands Psychological injuries that people may struggle with or develop as a result of Covid-19.

Psychological claims are not new injuries to the workplace. The Workers’ Compensation Law already recognizes work related psychological injuries. For example, there are many people who develop PTSD as a result of work related incidents such as an assault or attack while working. Similarly, it is common for workers who are injured through a work accident to develop anxiety or depression relating to the original work incident.

As it stands now, even those who have the ability to carry on with a somewhat normal life while working from home, are undoubtedly on edge. We are dealing with  a global pandemic that affects everyone either directly or indirectly. How about those workers who are required to continue to work outside of the comfort of their homes? Specifically, essential workers like the nurses, doctors, grocery workers, firemen, IT specialists, and everyone else who needs to be out in the public or risk losing their job. How many of those workers will develop PTSD, anxiety disorders, or any other psychological injuries even without contracting Covid-19, but just because they must continue to do their jobs, or continue to be exposed to the virus at a greater risk?

There are many doctors offices that are already accepting new patients who are struggling with psychological injuries. We know full well, that it is difficult for many people to reach out for help when they may be suffering from a psychological injury. At Pyrros and Serres, we are well equipped to help you find the psychological services who can help. We are also well equipped to fight for your Workers’ Compensation benefits for psychological injuries related to Covid-19 even if you haven’t been diagnosed with Covid-19. As always, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation at 718-626-7730.


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