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June 4, 2020Like

Covid-19: Updates to the Workers’ Compensation Law

Workers’ Compensation claim for a Covid 19 related work illness The board has recently announced two new rules as it applies to Workers’ Compensation cases. The first has to do with telemedicine and the second has to do with costs of Covid 19. Both changes benefit injured workers. As of
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May 13, 2020Like

Covid-19: Psychological Claims

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Dealing with Psychological Injuries By now, we all know that many NY workers will ultimately end up contracting Covid-19 at some point throughout the next year. However, not everyone understands Psychological injuries that people may struggle with or develop as a result of Covid-19. Psychological claims are
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April 26, 2020Like

Money: Workers’ Comp., Unemployment, Layoffs, and Stimulus Funding Interaction

  Authors: Michael Gregos Esq. &  Michael Serres Esq.   What is important to note is WHY you are not working! Hard working lawyers, for hard working people One of the more frequent questions asked is, I am out of work due to my accident but not getting paid, can
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April 25, 2020Like

Covid 19: How to File a Workers Compensation Claim

New York Workers Compensation Attorneys and Covid 19 By: Michael Gregos Esq. &  Michael Serres Esq. If you contracted Covid 19 because you were exposed to it at work, you may be able to get Workers’ Compensation benefits. In order to begin your claim, you must follow the steps listed below.
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April 13, 2020Like

Coronovirus (Covid-19) Am I Covered Under Workers Compensation?

So now that I know I have Covid19, Can I be covered under NY Workers Compensation? Author:Pyrros & Serres: Michael Gregos Esq. This is the question that we will grapple with for the foreseeable future. In addition to the normal challenges surrounding a claim, this particular virus adds a unique
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