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Having the Right Lawyer Matters

Hiring the right attorney for your specific legal problem is essential for a successful outcome. The legal professionals at Pyrros & Serres LLP are a prime example of that concept within the legal industry.

All legal professionals have specific fields of law as a focus of their practice, with most attorneys choosing related areas. While some attorneys focus on criminal law and handling conviction appeals, others will direct their representation on civil matters where an individual needs legal assistance with financial recourse.

Our Practice Areas

Pyrros & Serres LLP is a diverse team of litigation professionals who are trained in a variety of accident and disability matters. We understand what to expect from the insurance carriers who are attempting to avoid paying proper compensation to victims who are at a loss when it comes to handling their claims. We regularly help our clients in cases where employers and insurance providers are seeking to deny or reduce a claim in any way possible. Our firm’s primary fields of representation are:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Personal Injury
  • Social Security Disability

All three of these legal areas typically involve corporations and government entities that have little regard for the injured claimant. Their main focus is to reduce a claim value or totally deny responsibility using whatever technicalities they can find. Pyrros & Serres understand their tactics, and we will work diligently and aggressively to achieve a maximum financial award for our injured clients.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation claims can be very complicated and contentious. Both employers and their insurance providers are often serious about rejecting claims when they think an injured employee is misrepresenting their condition in any manner. Even a nominal workplace injury can be denied by the insurance company, and benefits can be stopped even after payments have begun.

Workers’ comp cases are often associated with serious accident injury claims, but it’s not uncommon for any worker to get injured on the job. Pyrros & Serres can intervene, litigate or negotiate results for any injured worker.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury claims are another area where Pyrros & Serres attorneys excel for our clients. While most personal injuries stem from auto accidents, this is not always the case. Premises liability claims are also very common.

Government agencies may also be the responsible party in many accident injuries in the sprawling one-of-a-kind city of New York, all of which are governed by different rules regarding claim filing periods. The standard statute of limitations does not always apply, and retaining Pyrros & Serres as soon as possible to handle your claim is always a wise move for any injured New Yorker.

The level of injury matters significantly when damages and compensation are being discussed, and compensation is truly what makes injured claimants financially whole when all is said and done. It takes a true professional to evaluate your claim and to navigate it to achieve solid results.

Social Security Claims

Practically every worker in the United States is concerned about Social Security benefits unless they have a platinum retirement plan from their job, and the Social Security Administration is often slow to issue its final rulings. Rarely are claims approved quickly, even when the medical evidence clearly indicates a condition or variety of conditions that render the claimant unable to earn a living.

It is very difficult to get approved for disability without an experienced legal law firm who can represent you from the very beginning. Social Security claims are almost always won in the appeals process, and Pyrros & Serres LLP understands how to present what the SSA wants for approval.

Why Call Pyrros & Serres LLP?

Every workers’ compensation, social security disability and personal injury case is unique in some way, and the ability to pay attention to detail and apply material case facts for each claim is vital for all claims. The legal representatives at Pyrros & Serres LLP understand this principle and we strive to understand and assist all of our clients on an individual basis. We have served the Brooklyn community since 2000, handling many cases for local residents who were in serious need of legal help with their injury claims.

We are well-respected for our dedication to our clients who we serve with compassion and personal service as our primary trademark. We are results-driven for all of our clients. Anyone in the Brooklyn area with an injury or disability problem should contact us for a free case evaluation.

We pride ourselves on honesty, accuracy, and tenacity on our clients’ behalf. Let Pyrros & Serres LLP Attorneys at Law put our experience to work for you.

Brooklyn NY

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